Stamped Leather and Hand-Carved Solid Wood Details

Sahara Chest

  • Box Living: Individually handcrafted, unique products.

    Each product is hand-assembled, hand-carved, and han-inished. Each product is made of selected natural wood timber. With the use of natural wood timber, subtle variations in grain, texture, tone and detail are to be expected. These variations are a smal part of what makes Box Living's Product lines unique.


    No two pieces are identical.


    Leather is a natural material requiring little or no care during normal use. However, we recommend the following:

    a.For spills or contract with food / liquids, blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth and sponge. If needed, use a mild solution of PURE (pH neutral) warm water with Ivory soap. Dry with a clean and allow to dry.

    b.For food stains, oils or grease, wipe excess liquids with a clean, dry cloth and leave it alone. The spot should dissolve into the leather quickly. Never apply water to an oil based stain.

    c.For the above, leather, never use saddle soap, abrasive cleaner, regular soap furniture polish oil, varnish, or ammonia water.

    d.For rawhides, clean with saddle soaps followed by a leather moisturizer applied with a soft cloth.


    Note: The preceding remedies are in accordance with normal cleaning – general industry standards. BOX LIVING furniture cannot guarantee the result, and we assume no liability in connection with the above applications. Always try the cleaning method in a hidden area first to be sure its colorfast.