Hand-tooled Solid Steel with mirror glass

Halley Mirror

  • Box Living: Individually handcrafted, unique products.

    Each product is hand-assembled, hand-carved, and han-inished. Each product is made of selected natural wood timber. With the use of natural wood timber, subtle variations in grain, texture, tone and detail are to be expected. These variations are a smal part of what makes Box Living's Product lines unique.


    No two pieces are identical.

  • BOX LIVING copper is finished and sealed with a clear lacquer to delay the patina and oxidation, a natural process. Copper is a natural material that will constantly change due to environmental elements.

    Regular care includes dusting with a soft, dry, clean cloth and a light application of non-wax dusting spray, periodically cleaning with carnauba based furniture wax. The furniture wax will help protect the longevity of the Lacquer seal and maintain its natural beauty.

    Any water of other liquid spilled onto copper should be blotted off immediately.

    Avoid using cleaning solutions as they will alter the finish / planting.