Select Fabric and Dacron over High-Density Quick Dry Foam on Aluminium Frame 

Yucca Lounge Chair Aluminium

  • Box Living: Individually handcrafted, unique products.

    Each product is hand-assembled, hand-carved, and han-inished. Each product is made of selected natural wood timber. With the use of natural wood timber, subtle variations in grain, texture, tone and detail are to be expected. These variations are a smal part of what makes Box Living's Product lines unique.


    No two pieces are identical.

  • Frequent Waxing is the most important element in the care of your Box Living Product. Our recommendation:

    a.Do not use silicon waxes, lemon oil, or other oily polishes. We recommend a quality carnauba paste or crème wax such Johnson’s Paste Wax.

    b.New Furniture should be waxed within 30 days of first use and as often as needed.

    c.Application Technique Recommended: Apply a thin film of wax to the surface area, gradually working thru one area at a time. Consistently rub in the same direction, then buff with a soft Dry cloth.

    d.In between waxing, dust with a soft, moist, lint free cloth, drying right after and then again with another sot, dry cloth.

    e.Whenever dusting, never use any product with an oil based polish or polishes that contain silicon as they can damage the top coat / lacquers.